"In gardens they roam in shiny lycra undergarment big enough to fit their precious goods. A crown of roses to veil their meandering thoughts while white gloves cover their hands protecting them from deadly decease. Green the walls that separates them fom what lies outisde behind the fences. In a daze that’s never ending they pout their way through the wasteland that was once richly covered in swamps of silver, but that is now an empty field with grasses just high enough to tickle the soals of their feet. The ever young and pretty awaiting their call for arms to come into action and fire at the vulnerable who are themselves unable to fulfill their needs. Precious boys with skin that stretches still and flexible bodies in which we revel. They pass their time in daydream working up a sweat as their muscles grow from hoisting 50 kilo dumbells. When ready they show their talents outside in the online, observed by eyes they themselves can not see. Heavy teasing and slow down stripping. Lollipop boys sucking on candy canes like it’s a religion. They wet their lips full of sin, until they’re being send off to bed to sleep and find their reward in dreaming." 


Installation/Live performance


ENJOY YOUR MEN PARTY is an installation consisting of 7 platforms on which 7 young men are standing. Walking in, the boys surround you as if walking through a forest or garden of men. As they pose they look into the eyes of the spectators entering. So not only is the spectator watching these young men, looking up from below, these young men too are looking at the spectator from up high. All of this to heighten the feeling of entering their private space and make qustionable the kind of space that you as a spectator are entering. 


Many thanks to the boys helping out:  Lars Reen, Joes Adriaansens, Boris Steiner, Robert van Munster, Giel Ranzijn, Lex Hoogendam, Daniël van Dijck