Live Performance-installation (180 min.)


‘YOUTH AETERNA CORPUS TACTUS’ is a performance-installation focusing on the presence of the spectator in regard to that of the performer (who will be referred to here as ‘BOY’). By an extensive use of mirrors and a camera the spectator is constantly being watched. BOY who is lying in a kind of transparent box on a pile of mattresses, provides the spectator the possibility of touching him with gloves that are attached to the box. The many mirrors, the camera that BOY controls, and the presence of fellow spectators, are all being used in order to create a tension within the spectator that will likely effect his/her decision of whether or not to touch BOY. As such the spectator will become able to engage more fully in the performance and perhaps undergo a more complete experience.


The installation which is built out of small props and sculptures that for most part refer to the world of sex and erotica, can be understood as a metaphor for the ways the Internet works. Whereas the users of the Internet are constantly being tracked, the performance-installation also tends to track the spectator by filming him/her and making the spectator aware of being inside the installation. No longer there’s the safety of anonymity. The spectator who enters the installation where several vibrators are spread around the space and BOY lies half naked on his mattresses, is being recorded. His or her whereabouts , as is the case with surfing the Internet, are being saved ending up in the hands of BOY.


Thus the performance-installation tends to restore a sense of self within the spectator and give back the sense of taking responsibility and has the spectator question his/her actions, whether in the online world, the performance-installation or everyday life.