Live performance (27:18 min.)



‘YOUTH AETERNA FOREVER’ is a performance that can be understood as a continuation of the performance ‘(…) BOY’. As with ‘(…) BOY’ ‘YOUTH AETERNA FOREVER’ has BOY performing several acts, such as playing with a strap-on dildo, some exercising with dumbbells while wearing a mask made out of a mirror, executing a small ritual, and taking pictures of the spectator. Whereas ‘(…) BOY’ consisted only of the spectator watching and observing BOY while he performs, ‘YOUTH AETERNA FOREVER’ includes the spectator more into the performance by addressing them directly. Using a mirror mask while doing an exercise with dumbbells, BOY makes the spectator watch his/her own reflection projected onto BOY’s body. As such the spectator is taking part in the performance pulling both spectator as well as performer closer to each other. By having the spectator taking a more active part, he/she and BOY together take on a journey. As during the act of sexual intercourse, it can be said that performer and spectator melt together reaching a new high. By ending the performance with taking pictures of the spectator and projecting these live upon the wall, BOY is directly addressing the spectator and makes them truly present. As such the pictures taken of the spectator can then be understood as a proof or witness of the performance having taken place.

All images are video stills from the video by Anouk van der Wegen