‘YOUTH AETERNA PLAYROOM OMNIFERUM’ is the first attempt to make ‘BOYTOPIA’ a complete an installation as possible. Having the space filled with props and sculptures using different materials, the installation is meant as a ‘playroom’ for BOY to perform and play in. The work is an exercise in how to present the installation and brings up the question of whether or not the installation asks for a performance to take place or could perfectly exist all by itself? Also the question of whether the spectator should be able to enter the installation without BOY being present is something this work experiments with. This time around the choice has been to have the audience not being able to enter the playroom as they can only observe BOY by looking through holes in the wall. BOY does perform, but for an unlimited time as the idea is that he could forever exist and perform inside this playroom. Because the work is also an exercise in the question of what remains once the live performance is over, BOY does eventually end the performance while having filmed himself from three different corners inside the room. After the live performance is over the filmed footage is shown on screens outside the playroom for the spectator to watch. Also during the recording of the performance BOY takes pictures of himself with his mobile phone, which are then directly uploaded onto his Instagram account. This account is shown on a computer outside the space so that the audience can view the images as they are being uploaded.


As with the other performance-installations this installation plays with the idea of being watched. BOY can be seen by the spectator who spies upon him as a voyeur, but is also being watched by the cameras which he controls himself. In contrast to, for example, ‘YOUTH AETERNA CORPUS TACTUS’, this installation does not yet play with the audience being watched by cameras or mirrors. Yet, the act of together spying on BOY with fellow spectators and the ability of BOY being able to notice when the eye of the spectator watches him through once of the holes in the wall, does likely make for the feeling of constantly being watched.