Live performance-installation




‘YOUTH AETERNA WEBCAM INFINITAS’ is a performance-installation in which BOY performs in front of a webcam as a ‘webcam boy’. Using an existing Internet website called ‘flirt-4-free’, BOY is able to chat with users of the website from around the world. These users BOY cannot see, though they do see him. Because the spectator both sees BOY perform live inside the space of the installation, as well as the way he is perceived of online by his online audience, what usually works as a one way route of communication suddenly becomes fully transparent. It can be said that the spectator entering the installation has the advantage of being able to enter into the webcam and be in the same space as BOY, whereas the online audience can only watch. However, BOY who is locked inside a transparent box, cannot be touched by the spectator entering the installation. As a result the installation consists of three different universes: that of the online world; the closed world of the box in which BOY is kept; and the world of the installation that the spectator is able to enter. Thus simultaneously BOY is being watched by an online audience while also being watched by the spectator of the installation. However, the online audience doesn’t know about the spectator of the installation being able to watch BOY engage with his online audience. At the same time, though, the spectator inside the installation is not able to directly communicate with BOY or his online audience, they can only watch. The only one able to communicate both with the online audience as well as the spectator through his communication with his online audience is BOY.

All photos taken by Digna Poelman